Top this, 2014!

2013 was indeed a year. 2014 is also going to be a year. Hopefully eighty thousand times better than 2013. The highlight for me was getting a kick-ass job at Automattic in October. Now let’s look at some numbers of things that I did the way 2013 would have liked best: Buzzfeed style.

1 phone shattered

Sad Luke Skywalker

Turns out it can’t survive a three foot fall if an iPad is body-slamming it to the floor.

1 WordCamp attended


I took every sticker.

2 email templates built


<table><vomit /></table>

2 projects contributed to

Tom Hanks as a dog

Seriously, I’ve been having a ton of fun.

4 conventions attended

Picard giggling

Two of which involved space, Batmen, and many bars.

3 programming languages learned

IR Crowd

That’s right. I know basic PHP syntax now.

4 coworking spaces… worked at

The Dean dancing

And all of them are pretty much exactly like this.

5 sketchbooks ruined

Glitter thrown

So many thumbnails.

6 hour Eclipse game played

Doctor who in front of fire

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds fleets.”

8 states traveled to

Ancient Aliens guy

Including Kansas: Kansas Simulator

10+ WordPress Happiness Hours

a bunch of approving people

I learned so much about certain naughty themes.

12 websites designed and built

Cat on computer

That I will admit to building.

14 orders

Monty Python's french guy

And about 30 missed UPS deliveries.

20+ games of Cards Against Humanity

Neil deGrasse Tyson

HR Violation.

21 github commits

Cat in tub

Expect a much higher number in 2014.

35+ Automatticians met

The Dean fainting

Which is kind of a big deal considering there are only eight in Colorado.

74 Pens penned

Dog on computer

Can’t, won’t, don’t stop

420+ quarters used for laundry

Surprised hawk

So many black T-shirts.

600+ quarters spent at the arcade

Ace Ventura putting on sunglass while driving

Mostly on Stargate pinball.

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