I think I’m in love

I am now quite completely obsessed with drones. 18 days ago, I ordered a little X4 drone after some encouragement from a friend. Five days later I received the tough little beast of a drone. I’ve become quite adept at it and have picked up a few things over the two weeks I’ve had it.

But it hasn’t stopped there. I saw some videos that peaked my interest in FPV (First Person View) racing. Let’s just say my obsession exploded after this video.

Yep. That video was it. That’s exactly what I want to be doing. It’s fast-paced. Kinda sketchy. Very difficult. These are things I’m into.

I’ve since jumped headfirst into the FPV racing world. I started digging around on the good ol’ interweb to find solid resources. I’ve read a few books to help get a basic understanding of all the components required (it’s got a bit of a learning curve).

Eventually, I found some forums and smallish usergroups. This whole hobby feels very much like the internet in the 90s for some reason; crazy gung-ho groups of people figuring out things together for their niche hobby. There’s 3D printed parts open sourced. There’s all sorts of threads for neato mods. There’s tons of detailed blog posts and threads. It’s pretty effin awesome.

At some point I game in and ordered all the parts needed to get my first FVP quad up and wrecking trees. I’ll definitely blogging about my crashes as I go. I have some spots picked out to do my training. I need all the advice/tips you can give me.

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