Meet Ripley

This is Ripley.

Named after the protagonist in Aliens. This little thing is tough and super duper incredibly insanely fast. It’s got some X4 guts and some dark edition motors. Oh, and a super freakin light 110mm 7 gram carbon fiber body. The thing defies gravity.

Here are some shots of the build. I ended up getting a couple burns because I bumped the soldering iron and a cut when I spun the blades up accidentally. This thing has a mean bite. Despite all that, I think my soldering came out pretty nice.

I put all the LEDs (except the two mounted on the board) on the back. It looks pretty dang nice and helps me keep track which way the thing is pointing. They’re super duper bright.

I flew it around briefly in the park to test it out. It really likes to go up or to go fast. It’s definitely a bit touchy to fly indoors until I get the hang of it. It also sounds pretty great.

The build is pretty straightforward, but let me know if you have any questions.

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