Who’s idea was it to go to Montreal in January?

I’ve been asked this question a few times when explaining to friends, coworkers, and my family that I was headed to Montreal in January. The answer was simple: “My team’s idea.”

I loved the idea of going someplace really dang cold for a meetup and Montreal seemed like a great place to do it. I’ve heard wonderful things about and have wanted to visit it for some time. We collectively thought it would be fun, loaded up our winter gear, and headed north for a few days.

I’m currently at the end of the first day. We spent most of it hard at work deciding the design future of Jetpack and working out some major issues. So much fun. It’s going to be good. So dang good.

As far as food goes, we’ve had Mexican and French cuisine so far. Yep. We flew from Denver to Montreal to get tacos, I guess Womp womp. Still, they were pretty good. The french food we had for dinner was absolutely fantastic. We had octopus, duck, bacon, and all sorts of delicious things.

I still have not had poutine because Richard Archambault said we shouldn’t have it before 3am or something. Whatever.

Afterwards, a few of us went to a hidden Japanese bar that was absolutely beautiful.

Anyway, I’ll have a better blog post for y’all later this week. Thanks for putting up with this rando journal entry. I’m trying to hit a blogging goal and it was getting late so this is what you get.

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