Fight with colors on my blog, please

UPDATE: I did have to turn off the widget as someone was attacking it. Nothing happened to my site, but SiteGround has a limitations on scripts run before they shut down the site without talking to their user.

George Stephanis and I created a nifty little WordPress plugin over the last couple days for funsies called Hugh.

Hugh allows to add a widget to your site that does one thing and one thing only. Hugh allows anyone on your site to change the color of your blog theme!

But wait, it gets better!

When someone changes the theme, it updates to that color for everyone including those viewing the site.

Yep. I know. It’s awesome. You’re welcome.

As an added bonus, you can add theme support. This means, you could encourage it to change just the colors you want on your theme. Pretty dang neat.

You can get it here currently. It might eventually be in the plugin repo if the Plugin Lords deem it worthy.

Now, please, share your enthusiasm for this nifty little plugin by changing the colors of my site as many times as possible. Also, get your friends to help. And your cat. And your kids.

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