Gearing up my Jeep for adventure

I want to make sure that I’m pretty well prepared for any trouble I get myself into along the way. My dad and I installed a few things over the past couple months to get my Jeep in top shape. Here’s a quick rundown of what we have done so far.

High lift jack mount

The first thing I installed was a high lift jack mount. I also got a high lift jack. These are pretty handy to have around. We even went the extra mile and put the tailgate hinge covers back on (not easy).

Then we installed a hitch. You know. For pulling trailers and such. It’s also one more recovery point I guess. It does lower my departure angle, but I can live with that. If it’s a problem, I can remove it. It’s four (very long) bolts.

Next, up: CB radio! You can’t have a Jeep without one of these, right? I went with a Cobra 75WXST, a spare tire mount for the antenna, a two foot Firestik antenna, and a four foot Firestik antenna. The two foot is so I can get into and out of the garage. The four foot will be on when I hit the road. I also have a heavy duty spring to give the antenna a bit more flex power. The trickiest part of this was running the cable, but it wasn’t too bad.

Bestop tailgate organizer

I wanted a bit of light storage and installed this Bestop RoughRider Black Diamond Tailgate Organizer. It was pretty straightforward and is cooler than I initially thought. It’s designed so you can remove and carry each bag if you want. I don’t think it can handle much weight so I have lighter and softer stuff in there like a recovery strap and some toilet paper.

For miscellaneous storage, I got an inexpensive tool bag to keep D rings, an extra flashlight, a hammer, some wire, extra bolts, duct tape, and some other stuff. I also picked up the Shop Tool Roll and a nice camp blanket from Adventure Tool Company when I was at a Ham Radio class. They are both amazing and well worth the investment.

The most recent thing I installed was a big ol’ winch. This sucker took us almost all weekend to put together properly, but now I’m pretty familiar with every bolt on the front of my Jeep.


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