Last weekend: The ghost towns, Animas Forks, Carson, and Old Carson

Last weekend, my friends and I went to Lake City Colorado to visit some 👻 ghost towns ðŸ‘»! We took my Jeep because the roads up are fairly rough (and super fun). This time I took a few more photos to document the place.

We took Cinnamon Pass up all the way to Animas Forks. Then, we made our way back down to the road to Carson and Old Carson, Wager Gulch. Here’s a map with some tracking via my Spot device.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.32.45 PM

On the way, we ended up seeing dozens of wild animals including deer with her brand new fawns (so tiny!), a moose with her calf, a dozen or so fuzzy chubby marmots, a beaver, and a grouse (that I thought was a lazy duck at first). In the first photo, you can see a buck deer. It’s antlers were super fuzzy. We also ran into a ton of amazing scenery along the way.

We ended up at Animas Forks first. It’s the furthest from town and in the best shape. It has had restoration done to it. We were able to go in and explore every building. Some of them even had bits of the original intricate and flowery wallpaper.

Eventually we made our way back and took Wager Gulch up to the continental divide and Old Carson with the intention of maybe stopping at Carson on the way back. The road up was super steep and super fun for a capable vehicle. There weren’t any particularly rough obstacles. We explored up the continental divide trail a bit because it was so dang beautiful.

Aaaand there’s not much to show of Old Carson. Most of it is completely destroyed with only fallen logs marking where a building once stood. I did not take enough pictures here.

It was getting dark when we made our way down to Carson. The road off of Wager Gulch to Carson was completely flooded into a creek of sorts. It was a fun drive, but fairly shallow. This town was in pretty good shape, though I wouldn’t wander into any of the houses. The floorboards were pretty rotted.

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Overall this trip was a blast. Great company. Great food. Great adventure. I definitely want to go back and maybe take Engineer Pass up to Animas Forks instead. There were some pretty epic camping spots as well. Next time.

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