Goodbye, Colorado

Well, it’s finally happening! Today the real nomading begins. I’m heading out today to Yellowstone and then on to Montana. After that, I head east! ğŸ˜€

This is where things get interesting. I won’t have as many people around me to lean on for places to stay or to hang out with. I’m think I’m pretty well prepared for it with several backup plans for various scenarios.

I’m going to be staying with friends, trying Couchsurfing, and saving Airbnb/hotels for when there aren’t other available options. I can also camp or sleep in my Jeep fairly comfortably if I need to.

As far as food, I have a cooler to keep some food around so I don’t have to eat out all the time, though I will probably be doing a bit of that since some of the cities I’m visiting will have such great food.

For work, I’m planning on hitting coffee shops, coworking spaces, and having access to data via hot spot. I’m a little worried about this in a few places I’m visiting, but I think it will be okay. I don’t need the fastest internet for most of what I do.

I have a rough goal to bike every place I stay at and hike in the places with exceptional hiking spots.

Here’s a super rough list of places I’ll be.

  • Chicago
  • Memphis
  • Atlanta
  • Durham
  • Philly
  • Boston
  • Portland, ME
  • Margate City
  • NYC
  • New Bedford
  • Ithaca
  • Montreal
  • Whistler, BC

I’ll eventually make an itinerary page that I keep updated so it’s easier to see where I’m at and when I might be in your town. I’m also messing with a tracking device so you can stalk me in near realtime. I’ll probably leave that off unless I’m on interesting trails or am really bored.

To all of my friends in Colorado, I’ll miss the heck out of all of you so text me a bunch. All selfies are welcome. I’ll be back later this year. Probably close to or during fall.

Adios, Colorado!

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