Seven cities in seven days

Last weekend feels like a month ago. I started in Twin Falls, Montana on Saturday and in seven days made it all the way to Memphis, Tennessee on Friday. while staying in a different city each night.

The cities

Saturday night: Twin Bridges, Montana

I had been staying in Twin Bridges when in Montana. I wrote a post all about it. It was about an eight hour drive to Rapid City so I ended up leaving super early on Sunday morning to arrive in Rapid City before it was dark.

I rode my bike around a few times. It's a large ranch.
I rode my bike around a few times. It’s a large ranch.

Sunday night: Rapid City, South Dakota

When I got there, I immediately headed to the nearby mountain to hit the trail before it got dark. It wasn’t the greatest, but had some nice flowing bits toward the end.

Monday night: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls had a great coffee shop to work from called Black Sheep Coffee & Roasting. It was low key with high internet speed and really interesting customers. I would definitely head back there at some point. Before I left for Sioux City, I tried to get in a bike ride and found a spot nearby. I had all sorts of trouble there. I had to reinflate my tire after the core of the valve came out. Also, it was insanely hot at that time of day. Also, I was low on water. I ended up with a short, but beautiful ride. It was not super fun mostly because of the heat.

Tuesday night: Sioux City, Indiana

Later that day, I went on another bike ride when I got to my camping spot in Sioux City. It was much more pleasant out by then.

Also, if you happen to be in Sioux City, definitely check out La Juanita. It’s a fantastic little Mexican food place.

Wednesday night: Kansas City, Missouri

To continue the trend, it was also very hot in Kansas. I spent all day working from various coffee shops, but nothing I went to was particularly notable. I did find some entertaining restroom graffiti and had a construction crew working in front of me.

Thursday night: Springfield, Missouri


I camped out again here, but this time, it was not very pleasant because of the heat. I did get a surprise light show from some fireflies, though, making it worth it. After setting up camp, I went riding around. There was a nearby empty public golf course that made for a great little practice ground for me.

Friday night Memphis, Tennessee

I arrived in Memphis around 9:30PM and immediately made it to the best ribs place I could find that was still open. I ended up at Charles Vergos’ Rendezvous which, while wasn’t the best ribs I had in Memphis, was definitely a fantastic start. It’s a charming place you find in an alley downtown. It was a perfect welcome to Memphis. I had a blast there.

Traveling and working

My employer, Automattic, is fantastic in that it allows and, to some extend, even encourages nomad living. We all work remotely so if I have a good internet connection, I’m good to work. I’ll elaborate on this in a future post, but wanted to mention that I’m still working full time while traveling around. It’s why I spend most of my day in a coffee shop or someplace with good wifi.

Last weekend feels like a month ago

I just wanted to reiterate that with this pace, it’s hard to have a good reference of time. With all the constant moving, finding places to work, finding places to sleep, finding places to bike, a single day can feel like several.

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