Beaches, caterpillars, and sunburns in New Jersey

Two weeks ago, I made it to Linwood, New Jersey where I met up with my family there. I’m keeping this post brief, but the highlights were: stolen credit card info, beach, new phone, beach, jet skiing, beach, seafood, beach, sunburn.

I stayed at my grandma’s beautiful house in Linwood. Her house is a prime example of why it’s called the Garden State.


This is just her front yard. Her backyard is even more fantastic. One of those trees is a tree she was told could not grow in New Jersey, but somehow she made it happen. In the spring, hundreds of large tulip-like flowers bloom on it.


This lively caterpillar joined us on the beach to get a bit of a tan. I’m glad none of us touched it because it turns out, this particular caterpillar can cause hives. Nonetheless, it was quite adorable.


We watched the weekly fireworks show over the Atlantic City boardwalk from a friend’s apartment.

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