The Trans-Canada Adventure kickoff

After months of preparation, Stephane Daury and I are heading out in our Jeeps across Canada. We have left Montreal and are heading all the way to Whistler via the TCAT (Trans-Canada Adventure Highway) and some of the main highways.

The TCAT is a trail mapped all the way from coast to coast across Canada designed for motorcyclist who want to travel off road. It normally takes weeks, so we’re only doing the more interesting segments of it.

We have no plans as to where we will be sleeping other than we know we’ll be camping the whole time if all goes well. If we are exhausted or need pampering, we may crash at a hotel for a night.
Stephane has built himself a custom rack for the back of his Jeep to carry our extra fuel, water, some wood, and a grill. I’ll elaborate more if I get to a good spot with wifi because it’s something that should be seen. It looks pretty dang nice.

I don’t have any data up here right now so I’ll probably be posting photos and updates in bursts if I come across a coffee shop or something. If not, I’ll write some recap posts. I will have normal access to SMS and phone calls where there is coverage, so feel free to text or call to send support.

We have our camping gear. We have plenty of supplies. We both have rigged up ways to sleep inside our Jeeps if we need to. Wish us luck and follow our progress on the trail!

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