My best photos from 2016

Camping near Zion. I had my own canyon!!!

Here are my favorite photos from my travels this year. Not all are the best, but I think I caught a few gems. I recommend opening the gallery and just scrolling through. They should all have a comment and location. Let me know what you think!

Belize from the sky.
Jeremy doing his magic with a lamb in the Colorado Rockies.
While camping in Leadville for Devin’s birthday, the sky was doing this.
My dad and I got lost in the hills of Montana. That was an amazing adventure. Also, the Jeep’s GPS is not to be trusted.
Some space ship in Manhattan. (WTC)
Rick and Ada making some delicious dinner.
I woke up to this. Canada someplace.
Hiking near Seattle.
Camping near Zion. I had my own canyon!!!
Two of my very favorite people at WordCamp US. <3


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