Home sweet boat in Amsterdam


Several weeks ago, I was looking for a place for Jeff, Rick, and me to stay in. I jokingly suggested we stay in a houseboat, but in the end we decided against it thinking there just wouldn’t be enough space. Instead, I found a nice looking place for a reasonable price. They both took a look at it and gave it two thumbs up so I booked it.

Fast forward to this morning. As we neared the address, we realized it would be awfully close to a dock. Then it dawned on us. We booked a houseboat. And it is amazing. The thing is, the listing for it clearly stated that it was a houseboat, but we were all so tired we missed that part entirely. Quite the surprise.

Anyway, now we have some pretty fantastic canal views, a super convenient location to work from, the fastest internet I’ve used in some time, and some gentle rocking of waves to lull us to sleep. Here’s to the happy accidents that make adventures even better!

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