Cactus Consequences: Ojo Caliente, Sante Fe, and Albuquerque

Ojo Caliente

During our stop in Ojo Caliente, we headed up the road behind the hot springs and found some nice gnarly roads to bike on with Zag. We ended up by a neat mica mine. I had never seen mica grow that thick before. Zag also got a couple minor lessons about what cactus are and what he shouldn’t scratch his back with (he’s okay).

Santa Fe

In Santa Fe, I did a quick route up the Dale Ball loop to see if it would be something we would want to do the next day. It was a bit too gnarly so we moved on.


Keya had the bright idea to head down to the river and do a bit of longboarding on the path in the evening light.

We then hit up the Elena Gallegos central loop the next morning. There were plenty of “cactus consequences” along this trail.

Photos by Keya and myself.

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