Larson scanner

Over the holidays, Keya gifted me a nifty little Larson Scanner kit to solder together. It’s a kit that lets you make the cool LED effect from Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica. Glen Larson produced both which is probably why they have such similar cool effects.

The kit itself is pretty straightforward to put together in just about any order you like. I somehow forgot to solder on the last LED (and I can’t find it anywhere). I guess I’ll have to order a bunch more jumbo LEDs. 🙂

After completing it, I started digging around on the Evil Mad Scientist wiki interested in some of the mods folks have done to it. That’s when I noticed the line explaining how to activate “narrow eye: mode by jumping “opt. 1” on the board. Worked like a charm. I also tested out jumping “opt. 2” on the board and discovered it runs a different linear animation.

Here’s a video of it (should have done it in the dark, but it’s still cool):

What do you think?

Where should I install this thing? Could be a cool addition to a backpack or my drone or something.

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