Into Utah, I ride

Yesterday, after an awesome (and I mean A-W-E-S-O-M-E) four days riding Winter Park and Aspen with Keya, I took off for Utah. I got a little further than Price before, I pulled off at a rest stop for the night. Here’s how my Jeep looked in the morning.

It’s covered in a nice layer of mud and snow.

This morning, I headed up to Snowbird. The drive was particularly gnarly about 30 minutes after I left the rest stop. Photo below should give you a good idea.

Once I got to Snowbird (hours later), it was on! There was a good 6-10 inches of snow waiting for me. It was snowing so hard I couldn’t take a good picture.

Now I’m hanging out in SLC, blogging with my bloggy dot blog. Can’t wait to see what snow I can find tomorrow!

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