I built a workbench. It is a sturdy workbench. Sturdy enough that when I jumped up and down on it, there was no give or flex anywhere.

  • It’s about 70 inches (1.77m) wide and 30 inches (0.76m) deep.
  • The horizontal brace in the front is lowered to allow both sets of drawers to open.
  • It is level.

This is the pile of wood I started with. I did have to add a few more 2x10s before the end of the project.

This project moved slowly partly because I was working with ornery tools. I had a new circular saw and a cranky drill. After some test cuts, I did get a circular saw to cut fairly straight lines at about 90 degrees. To cut straight across large pieces of wood, I would use a spare piece of wood, clamped down, as a guide for the foot of the circular saw.

My cordless drill was also misbehaving and lost charge rapidly. Time to get a new battery.

I planed the 2×4 substrate surface before attaching the plywood. This way there wouldn’t be any major gaps between the plywood and the 2×4 substrate.

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