What is your WordPress dev setup?

I’m interested in trying out some new tools and am looking for your recommendations. Here are some questions I have:

  • What do you use to run WordPress locally? (Docker, VVV, something else?)
  • Where do you keep your project/git folders? (in the plugins directory, sync a build to plugins, Docker instance inside the project folder?)
  • What do you use to switch between WP versions?

Yes, this has been asked before several years ago. I’m curious what y’all are doing now as technology/processes have changed a bit.


  1. For WordPress core work, I am using a lot more of the e2e environment based on Docker. I have a couple of different environments, some git, some svn that are easy to swap WordPress versions.

    For plugin/theme work, I have a dedicated VVV instance for each thing I am working on. I skip provisioning when I don’t need them.

  2. I run Ubuntu, so I have a very simple old school LAMP stack set up, all sites are stored in a /development/sites/ directory with relevant vhost config.

    I typically have a single WordPress install for theme/plugin work, but all my plugin directories are in a separate /development/WordPress/plugins directory, and I create symlinks from the WordPress wp-content directory.

    If I need a different version I usually just create it a new site (eg wordpress-4.7) and download the specific version using wp-cli.

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