oh heck

I have a bit of a confession. I have a secret identity. Meet heckseven:

That was a live performance from Monday night.

Around the time COVID-19 hit, I started building that massive modular synthesizer on the weekends. It’s a Kosmo format modular, but I’ll save the details for other posts. Anyhoo, in the process I found myself on various forums and discord servers in order to learn more about this stuff and make some contacts. For whatever reason, I decided to use a name I made up for last year’s DefCon. Sounds cool and I didn’t hate it. Not bad. I also say “heck” a whole bunch. It also meant I could share music and progress without feeling much pressure.

I started by uploading some tracks here and there to SoundCloud. You can get a sense of the generic techno I crank out here. It includes mostly jams like this rando thing I made with a Pocket Operator and some Furby samples:

Lately, though, I’ve been streaming regularly. I have been streaming with some pals on Earth Modular Society. EMS has a goal of streaming 24/7 modular-synth-related content. They know a heckuva lot more about modular and Eurorack than I do so it’s a good group to learn from.

If you want to watch my streams, you’re in luck. I’ll start sharing them on my regular old accounts so y’all can jump in the chat or just listen in.

In the meantime:

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