This is my newest theme,

It is designed to be dark.
Really dark.

(or quite bright if you prefer)


Inspired by high-contrast architecture photography and technical manuals, Darchitect is a combination of artistic canvas, engineering notes, and elegant book design.

The build

Darchitect is a fork of Twenty Twenty-One, this year’s default WordPress theme. It was chosen because Twenty Twenty-One was already set up with a solid Sass build process and the template structures were close to what I wanted. This saved me significant setup time.


Dark mode or light mode

Darchitect will adapt to match your system preferences. If your visitors are not into that, they can toggle the mode using the button on the bottom right.

The blocks just look good (mostly)

All of the standard blocks from quotes to code snippets have been fitted with high-contrast styling and occasional surprises… like the hover state of links. Wavy!

Untested customization options

That’s right. There might be a primary nav for those of you into that. It definitely looks bad (I will eventually style it). There is definitely a widget area. It has styles.

For the adventurous

I love this theme. You might, too. You can use it now.*

* This is very much an incomplete theme made by an opinionated designer. You can download it from GitHub if you’re feeling adventurous. You will need to install the Reading Time WP plugin. Installing Jetpack certainly makes things nicer (I helped design it).

Photo credits

In order of appearance:

  1. Josh Rose
  2. Scott Szarapka
  3. Petri Heiskanen
  4. Ivan Karpov
  5. bantersnaps
  6. Gabe Rebra
  7. Eugene Lim
  8. Nino Yang
  9. Akshar Dave

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