Building a modular synthesizer

This is the current state of my modular synthesizer. And here are some sounds it makes: WHAT IS A MODULAR? For those of you unfamiliar with modular, it’s essentially a configurable electronic instrument. For example, depending on the configuration, it could sound like a piano or it could be a an all-in-one techno machine. Modular… Continue reading Building a modular synthesizer

oh heck

I have a bit of a confession. I have a secret identity. Meet heckseven: That was a live performance from Monday night. Around the time COVID-19 hit, I started building that massive modular synthesizer on the weekends. It’s a Kosmo format modular, but I’ll save the details for other posts. Anyhoo, in the process I… Continue reading oh heck

Farewell, Automattic

I started at Automattic seven years ago. When I started, there were around 200 total Automatticians. Woo was a separate company. Jetpack had no paid features yet. Tumblr was just acquired by Yahoo. We were still using IRC and Skype. There were twenty people in the design channel. My first day on the job was… Continue reading Farewell, Automattic

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My Gutenberg setup

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the simplest solution. In this case, I’ve tried just about every popular development setup for WordPress. MAMP is still the winner. I had been using the WordPress docker environment that is available when working on the Gutenberg project. It’s mostly reliable, but makes my computer fan really tired. If you’re… Continue reading My Gutenberg setup

WordPress – the site builder

A bakery and a button Yesterday, I was helping fix up a site for a local bakery to better optimize it for a COVID-19 world. The site isn’t particularly old. It isn’t outdated. It has an entirely reasonable amount of plugins. Even in those optimal circumstances, adding an eye-catching “Order online” link to the sidebar… Continue reading WordPress – the site builder

Kirk is here!

This latest update is a major upgrade to the block editing experience. Check out all the details here:

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