My WordPress dev setup

Sam Hotchkiss just posted this: What’s your WordPress development setup? I got a bit carried away with the response, so here it is as its own blog post. First things first, I primarily work on a 13″ retina MacBook Pro. It’s perfect. I connect to an external monitor only when doing print work or checking 1x images/icons.… Continue reading My WordPress dev setup

I want to know about your WordPress contribution setup

Hey WordPress contributors! I want to know what you consider the optimal workflow for contributing to WordPress. Things like trac, diffs, vagrants, grunting, milestones, config, etc. all sound weird and hard. So I have some questions for you answer. I know your answers will help me contribute ten bazillion times more efficiently. The more detailed your answer,… Continue reading I want to know about your WordPress contribution setup

JS fitness

It’s time for me to make a daily effort (God help me) to get my Javascript skills in shape. Right now, my JS skills are super lazy and spend all day watching old soap operas, drinking syrup, and eating donut cheetos pie. To do that, I’m gonna do a thing with Javascript daily. Some might be… Continue reading JS fitness


This tweet from @zamoose really got me thinking about putting together a very sassy version of _s: Check out th_s Notable changes: Grunt awesomeness (Autoprefixer FTW) Stylesheet broken up into sections as laid out in the index Normalize instead of reset (easy to include both as a choice to the devs) Comboing editor and post… Continue reading th_s (THUNDERSCORES!)


I set up my own URL shortener last night powered by YOURLS. I know I could use or any range of other services, but I like the ability to have my own self-hosted shortener with as much customization as I please. I can nab neat analytics and integrate it with my blogs fairly easily.… Continue reading YOURLS