UPDATE I have since made a dedicated site to listing the modules in my Kosmo. This is a snapshot of my current KOSMO modular with links to the modules. The modules are listed from left to right and are linked to their documentation pages. You can learn more about the build here. TOP RIGHT CASE… Continue reading KOSMO ⚡️


I built a workbench. It is a sturdy workbench. Sturdy enough that when I jumped up and down on it, there was no give or flex anywhere. It’s about 70 inches (1.77m) wide and 30 inches (0.76m) deep. The horizontal brace in the front is lowered to allow both sets of drawers to open. It… Continue reading Workbench

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Raspberry machines

I’m writing this on a Raspberry Pi. It has a 2.5 inch screen  and my keyboard is some kind of cheap tiny wireless thing with a track pad that more closely resembles a game controller than a keyboard. Please forgive my brevity or typos. In addition to composing on a small screen, Chromium has a… Continue reading Raspberry machines


I set up my own URL shortener last night powered by YOURLS. I know I could use bit.ly or any range of other services, but I like the ability to have my own self-hosted shortener with as much customization as I please. I can nab neat analytics and integrate it with my blogs fairly easily.… Continue reading YOURLS