Byers Peak

12804 ft / 3903 m Strava failed so I don’t have an accurate elevation gain or distance, but it was between a 12 and 14 mile hike with around 2000-2500ft vertical. We hiked up the backside starting at the Lake Evelyn trailhead. We finally hiked up that mountain we can see from our house. It’s… Continue reading Byers Peak

Winter is here!

And holy heck are we ready for it! Let’s get to snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, natural hot springs, and playing in the snow! Keya and I already hit the slopes at A Basin October 27th. It was fantastic. Even for only two open runs. Let it snow!

When 2016 zigs, you get a Zag

Nine days ago, I walked out of an animal shelter with a new best friend and I couldn’t be happier about it. I first saw Zag sleeping in the back of a kennel away from the other dog, Domino. There was no information about him, but he seemed interesting enough to meet. I asked about him… Continue reading When 2016 zigs, you get a Zag

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