Japanese tableware

We now have a beautiful set of very interesting Japanese ceramics. Based on some of the marks, at least some of the dishes and cups were made during the Allied occupation of Japan during World War II. We are guessing this based on the “MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN” marks on the bottom of some of… Continue reading Japanese tableware


UPDATE I have since made a dedicated site to listing the modules in my Kosmo. This is a snapshot of my current KOSMO modular with links to the modules. The modules are listed from left to right and are linked to their documentation pages. You can learn more about the build here. TOP RIGHT CASE… Continue reading KOSMO ⚡️

Building a modular synthesizer

This is the current state of my modular synthesizer. And here are some sounds it makes: WHAT IS A MODULAR? For those of you unfamiliar with modular, it’s essentially a configurable electronic instrument. For example, depending on the configuration, it could sound like a piano or it could be a an all-in-one techno machine. Modular… Continue reading Building a modular synthesizer

My Gutenberg setup

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the simplest solution. In this case, I’ve tried just about every popular development setup for WordPress. MAMP is still the winner. I had been using the WordPress docker environment that is available when working on the Gutenberg project. It’s mostly reliable, but makes my computer fan really tired. If you’re… Continue reading My Gutenberg setup

Unusual attractions

There are two gas stations I’m particularly fond of in Utah. The first is Jackass Joe’s UFO Jerky. It is just off I-70 at the Crescent Junction exit. It’s a perfect spot to get some snacks before heading south to Utah or further west. It also has some fine Root Beer. The second place is… Continue reading Unusual attractions