I love headphones. I use them all day mostly for listening to or writing music. I have gone through a pile of headphones over the years and have some thoughts on what to look for when getting a new pair. What I look for 1. Comfort I learned over the years that it doesn’t matter… Continue reading Headphones

Crater Lake, CO

We hiked up to Crater Lake at the end of October. It was a bit over 17 miles round trip with a total of around 2500 feet elevation gain through somewhat gnarly weather conditions. We started the hike in snow hiking up in a light snowstorm. Our crampons got a workout. On the way back,… Continue reading Crater Lake, CO

Japanese tableware

We now have a beautiful set of very interesting Japanese ceramics. Based on some of the marks, at least some of the dishes and cups were made during the Allied occupation of Japan during World War II. We are guessing this based on the “MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN” marks on the bottom of some of… Continue reading Japanese tableware

Pondering acronyms

I work for a tech company. I have worked for the government. In both places acronym usage is abundant. In both places, acronyms rarely help achieve clarity. I noticed some acronym patterns and, like everyone else on the planet, I have opinions on how their formatting could be improved. tl;dr (too long; didn’t read): Acronyms… Continue reading Pondering acronyms

Living downtown

I find that I often get asked (mostly jokingly) by my friends to join them in the suburbs. After living in both, I much prefer living downtown. Here’s why: I’m a five to ten minute walk from a huge variety of restaurants, entertainment, grocery stores, parks, and a bunch of other stuff. This is pretty important… Continue reading Living downtown