Last night I camped behind the reef near Goblin Valley. The views there were great and the stars were superb until the moon came out. This morning I headed into Goblin Valley to do what hiking is available and hang with the little goobers. Goblins were everywhere! Hanksville has my favorite gas station.

Reclaiming my hard drive

In the middle of a Zoom call a couple weeks ago, I got a system notice that I was running out of space on my startup disk. It said I had 1.6 gigabytes free and the number was dropping rapidly. Crap. I did some quick measures to get through the call by deleting some unused… Continue reading Reclaiming my hard drive

Apex Park

 Sheri, Chris, Kelly, and I went up to Apex last week to do some downhill mountain biking. It was a blast even though I ended up leaving a good amount of me (and my Fitbit) on the mountain after a couple spills. (Womp womp!) It was maybe a bit tougher than I’d like at my current skill level, but… Continue reading Apex Park

The Mountain Lamb Society

A few days ago, I along with a few friends of mine put together a bit of a mountain experience. We put on an asado. For those unfamiliar, an asado is a South American barbecuing technique. The event that put this whole thing in motion was the birthday of Josh’s business partner. Jeremy, Josh’s brother, decided… Continue reading The Mountain Lamb Society