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Users hate the new placement of the button for the feature we shipped last week. No one can figure out where to find it and they’re throwing bricks through our windows.

Desktop Software Designer: “We can hide under our desks until the next release literally ships to physical stores 12 months from now. People will have to drive a car to buy it.”

Web Designer: “I just moved it back. Let’s figure out a way not to have that happen again. But if it does, we can still just move it back.”

Source: Why I’m a Designer Part 1.5: Design Emergencies | alternatekev

Hubsan X4

Lessons learned from my quadcopter


I’ve always kinda wanted a drone, but assumed they were all big and crazy expensive. I didn’t want to fork over that kind of cash on something I know I’d crash immediately.

A little over a week ago I purchased my first drone, the Hubsan X4, for $36 thanks to some encouragement from a friend of mine (who still owes me a race). And it’s effing awesome. I’ve become pretty decent at flying it around and thought I’d share some lessons.

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Adios Vagrant, hello again MAMP (Pro)

I’ve been using VVV (Varying Vagrant Vagrants) for a bit over a year now with a few helper scripts for WordPress development primarily, but alas it’s time to end our relationship. The upkeep time isn’t worth it. It’s caused my computer to crash on a few occasions now. I’m not saying it’s bad by any means (it’s pretty dang awesome when it’s working), but it’s a bit more than I need with more moving pieces than I’d like.

Here’s a bit on my process moving from VVV to other stuff.
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Screen Shot

I think it’s damn well time some jerk defines what the eff a “unicorn” designer (or really anything) actually is in an easy-to-digest listicle. BTW (bee tee dubs), being a unicorn has nothing to do with UXes, full stack whatevers, or knowing how to code the taste of soda pop bubbles into a carousel. They are not a new phenomenon. Unicorns have always been here and always will be… Probably.

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