Fight with colors on my blog, please

UPDATE: I did have to turn off the widget as someone was attacking it. Nothing happened to my site, but SiteGround has a limitations on scripts run before they shut down the site without talking to their user. George Stephanis and I created a nifty little WordPress plugin over the last couple days for funsies… Continue reading Fight with colors on my blog, please

Some nifty internet

There are the useful parts of the internet, the horrifying parts of the internet, and the brilliant parts. Here are just a few of the more delightful websites on the web filling up my bookmarks folder. Enjoy. This might be as close to perfect as a website can get. Make sure your speakers are on… Continue reading Some nifty internet

The DuckDuckGo

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying out various search engines to avoid being consumed by The Google. DuckDuckGo’s initial appeal for me was that it doesn’t track me, but over time, I grew fond of the way it displays results and some of the rando cool features. DuckDuckGo feels similar to Google in… Continue reading The DuckDuckGo

The temporary web

Is there a place for permanency on the web? If you walk into any library, you’ll find books older than any computer. There are archives of newspapers that go back decades. We have access to photos as old as the art of photography. There’s some sense of permanence with the archiving of these items. Everything… Continue reading The temporary web

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The shape of WordPress shapes the web

I’ve been thinking a little about the design of PowerPoint, WordPress, and lately. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about Edward Tufte’s criticism of how the design of the PowerPoint software is to blame for the Challenger disaster. I saw Edward Tufte speak about information design a few years ago and one of the points… Continue reading The shape of WordPress shapes the web