This is my newest theme, Darchitect. It is designed to be dark. Really dark. (or quite bright if you prefer) Aesthetics Inspired by high-contrast architecture photography and technical manuals, Darchitect is a combination of artistic canvas, engineering notes, and elegant book design. The build Darchitect is a fork of Twenty Twenty-One, this year’s default WordPress… Continue reading Darchitect

Farewell, Automattic

I started at Automattic seven years ago. When I started, there were around 200 total Automatticians. Woo was a separate company. Jetpack had no paid features yet. Tumblr was just acquired by Yahoo. We were still using IRC and Skype. There were twenty people in the design channel. My first day on the job was… Continue reading Farewell, Automattic

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My Gutenberg setup

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the simplest solution. In this case, I’ve tried just about every popular development setup for WordPress. MAMP is still the winner. I had been using the WordPress docker environment that is available when working on the Gutenberg project. It’s mostly reliable, but makes my computer fan really tired. If you’re… Continue reading My Gutenberg setup

Kirk is here!

This latest update is a major upgrade to the block editing experience. Check out all the details here:

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A grid unit system for WordPress

As WordPress evolves, it will be important to start building a more cohesive design framework for the product itself. This proposal is the start of a consistent grid system that can help bring all of the elements in line. Definitely take a look.