Mega blog merge!

For my own sanity, I decided to merge a two of my blogs into this one. I made sure every post on each blog I imported came with its own category. I first imported It is a site I used to show off travel and adventure-related photos. You can peruse the category #adventure if… Continue reading Mega blog merge!

Gutenberg & Jetpack

I’m excited to finally release the work my team has been hard at work on for the last few months in Jetpack 6.8. This release is special because we are introducing Jetpack blocks for the new editor. Some of the blocks should be familiar to longtime Jetpack users and we’re even introducing a shiny new… Continue reading Gutenberg & Jetpack

A fellow designer and coworker of mine at Automattic, John Maeda, has been curating articles on the fairly new since August last year. After WordCamp US, he invited Mel Choyce and me to write an article for it each. He also asked me to design the cover. Designing the cover felt similar to coding for CSS Zen Garden,… Continue reading

Top 10 Delightful WordPress plugins

There are enough WordPress plugin and theme listicles out there to match a single day of Buzzfeed-generated articles (probably not), but I think it’s time we took a good look at some of the truly inspiring plugins out there. Note: I have “extensively” tested these plugins on my local test site… and by “extensively” I mean… Continue reading Top 10 Delightful WordPress plugins