Forms: Text inputs

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have to fill out forms all the dang time. Every time you post to your Face Space, you’re interacting with one or more of these things. The documentation for designing and working with them is pretty sparse. These inputs also have a literal gazillion gotchas varying among browser and device types. <sarcasm>Hooraaaaaaay.</sarcasm>

This is the first in a post series on form elements and some of their intricacies. Hopefully I can keep this series shorter than the latest Game of Thrones novel. Here we go!

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Press This merge proposal

What is it? Press This is a redesign of an existing feature with a focus on automation, speed, and mobile usability.

Source: WordPress › Press This Revamp Merge Proposal « Make WordPress Core

I’ve been working on Press This off and on for 290 days according to Github. (probably a little longer). Keep in mind, there was a bit of a pause in work.

Screen Shot

It’s been quite the learning experience (which I’ll post a bunch about later).

Anyway, I’m super freaking proud to even get it far enough to be a merge candidate.

If you’ve never tried Press This (a WordPress posting tool), it’s pretty neat. The new one we just built is better in every way. Take it for a spin.

Seriously. It’s awesome.

Screen Shot

The Android Switch | Noscope

The platform really doesn’t matter much anymore: smartphones are marvels of modern science that democratize technology in an unprecedented way. That’s the one thing to take away from this switch, really. We are spoiled to live in an age where you can literally ask our phones questions and have answers presented based on the sum of human knowledge. For that reason I find it very hard, perhaps even petty, to criticise one platform over the other.

Source: The Android Switch | Noscope

I want to know about your WordPress contribution setup

Hey WordPress contributors! I want to know what you consider the optimal workflow for contributing to WordPress. Things like trac, diffs, vagrants, grunting, milestones, config, etc. all sound weird and hard. So I have some questions for you answer. I know your answers will help me contribute ten bazillion times more efficiently. The more detailed your answer, the better. (You can even write up a sweet blog post as an answer!)

* What are all the things you use for your local workflow (apps, Vagrant, whatever)?
* What do you use to keep your local install up to date?
* What do you use to create or apply patches?
* Got any tips to make me ultra-efficient?