Beaches, caterpillars, and sunburns in New Jersey

Two weeks ago, I made it to Linwood, New Jersey where I met up with my family there. I'm keeping this post brief, but the highlights were: stolen credit card info, beach, new phone, beach, jet skiing, beach, seafood, beach, sunburn. I stayed at my grandma's beautiful house in Linwood. Her house is a prime example of why it's [...]

Jeep gear update: tailgate organizer and rear tire carrier

Tailgate organizer worries After two months of using the Bestop RoughRider Black Diamond Tailgate Organizer that I wrote about in an earlier post, I have to say I'm a little worried. It's starting to wear a bit faster than expected. It's designed so the bags are removable by undoing a little loop and sliding them [...]

Last weekend: midnight grilling, mountain biking, July 4th camping

Kelly and I started Saturday morning with an epic ride up Buffalo Creek. We took the Mini Buffalo Creek loop which didn't feel so mini at 15.5 miles and 1700+ feet ascent. There was a four mile ride up a road to the start of the singletrack trail which was pretty easy. It meanders next to [...]

Last weekend: The ghost towns, Animas Forks, Carson, and Old Carson

Last weekend, my friends and I went to Lake City Colorado to visit some 👻 ghost towns 👻! We took my Jeep because the roads up are fairly rough (and super fun). This time I took a few more photos to document the place. We took Cinnamon Pass up all the way to Animas Forks. Then, we made our [...]

Last weekend: Nederland, Eldorado, and Leadville

Well, not really last weekend, but I like the idea of posting about my weekends every once in awhile. About a week and a half ago, on Friday, I went camping with Kelly and Emi in Nederland. We Jeeped in and found a pretty dang good spot and the weather couldn't have been nicer. Interesting things: Kelly [...]