WordPress – the site builder

A bakery and a button Yesterday, I was helping fix up a site for a local bakery to better optimize it for a COVID-19 world. The site isn’t particularly old. It isn’t outdated. It has an entirely reasonable amount of plugins. Even in those optimal circumstances, adding an eye-catching “Order online” link to the sidebar… Continue reading WordPress – the site builder

The shape of WordPress shapes the web

I’ve been thinking a little about the design of PowerPoint, WordPress, and WordPress.com lately. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about Edward Tufte’s criticism of how the design of the PowerPoint software is to blame for the Challenger disaster. I saw Edward Tufte speak about information design a few years ago and one of the points… Continue reading The shape of WordPress shapes the web

WordPress commit

This weekend, a whole new set of committers were announced at the first ever WordCamp US. I was among those #blessed with commit. What the heck is commit? For those of you who don’t hang around making Internet all day, commit is just a term for the ability to send code somewhere. In this case, it… Continue reading WordPress commit

Adios Vagrant, hello again MAMP (Pro)

I’ve been using VVV (Varying Vagrant Vagrants) for a bit over a year now with a few helper scripts for WordPress development primarily, but alas it’s time to end our relationship. The upkeep time isn’t worth it. It’s caused my computer to crash on a few occasions now. I’m not saying it’s bad by any… Continue reading Adios Vagrant, hello again MAMP (Pro)