Busted chassis

It took about a month of dozens of pretty hard crashes to do it. there was a slow increase in the amount of cracks around the arms. The biggest cracks were on the front right arm. I noticed how bad it was a few days ago and figured it was only a matter of time… Continue reading Busted chassis

Meet Ripley

This is Ripley. Named after the protagonist in Aliens. This little thing is tough and super duper incredibly insanely fast. It’s got some X4 guts and some dark edition motors. Oh, and a super freakin light 110mm 7 gram carbon fiber body. The thing defies gravity. Here are some shots of the build. I ended up… Continue reading Meet Ripley

X4 propellers and more!

I got these ladybird props and the clear props after some killer recommendations from the Hubsan X4 FB group. I also got some anti vibration gel to hopefully improve my video from the 808. Tomorrow, I have some more fun things arriving (I hope) and I’ll definitely post the results.

Gateway Device

This is the video that enticed my brother to buy a Hubsan X4. I’m thinking the Hubsan X4 is a gateway device into electronics. People who’ve never soldered before are suddenly finding themselves with a smokin’ hot soldering iron in hand, balancing coiled solder and tugging on black and red wires on the circuit board… Continue reading Gateway Device

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Parking lot wreck

propellor stuck in pillar

I crash these things a ton in a pretty spectacular fashion. It’s about time I start documenting these wrecks a bit better. It took me a few minutes to find the missing prop after this crash.