Prepping for adventure

I travel quite often because of my job and I love every minute of it. I love it so much that I’ve been thinking about “going nomad” for some time. This means that I would give up my apartment and hit the road staying with friends, couch surfing, using airbnbs, camping, etc.

In June, my lease is up. I think that’s as good a time as any to go nomad. I’m going to start with a short trip to get the kinks out (also I have to be back in Denver for a Wedding in July). I’m thinking of heading southwest to maybe Arizona, Utah, or New Mexico and exploring some of the country out there. After that, I have some plans to go way up northeast.

Currently, I’m in the planning stage trying to figure out where to put my stuff, what equipment I need, and what I budget I can operate on. I plan to use this mostly as a place to document my travel and post anything interesting I discover. Should be fun!


  1. Awesome. Few people have the opportunity to do this, so it’s definitely a privilege you should experience! When you make your way to the northeast. I’ve got some mountains to take you to…. and maybe we can hitch a ride on a fishing vessel of the coast of Massachusetts.

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