Sneakbox Disarray

The Sneakbox Disarray is a mechanical keyboard that comes with an aluminum case, a brass switch plate, a PCB, and an aluminum knob. There are two keyboard layout options: staggered and ortholinear. I optimistically went for the ortholinear layout because I felt it was more flexible and could be customized to match my preferences. After… Continue reading Sneakbox Disarray

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Byers Peak

12804 ft / 3903 m Strava failed so I don’t have an accurate elevation gain or distance, but it was between a 12 and 14 mile hike with around 2000-2500ft vertical. We hiked up the backside starting at the Lake Evelyn trailhead. We finally hiked up that mountain we can see from our house. It’s… Continue reading Byers Peak

When node-gyp fails

If you’re seeing this error on a Mac, run sudo rm -rf $(xcode-select -print-path) xcode-select –install Source: How to fix the Node gyp Error: No Xcode or CLT version detected node-gyp also has documentation on how to resolve the error. I’m currently on Big Sur 11.4.


Yesterday, the sky grew dark again – similar to a cloudy day, but with a bit of a reddish hue. After living in smoke for months last year, we knew exactly what it was without having to open the curtains. We were downwind of another fire. I opened up one of the usual Colorado fire… Continue reading Fire


This is my newest theme, Darchitect. It is designed to be dark. Really dark. (or quite bright if you prefer) Aesthetics Inspired by high-contrast architecture photography and technical manuals, Darchitect is a combination of artistic canvas, engineering notes, and elegant book design. The build Darchitect is a fork of Twenty Twenty-One, this year’s default WordPress… Continue reading Darchitect

fast-forward only [git]

tl;dr git config –global pull.ff only makes git pull happy. 🌟 I just set up a new computer and, every time I ran git pull, I was greeted with a message I had not seen before: Looking further into it, I found several recommendations to set the global configuration to be pull.ff or “fast-forward only.”… Continue reading fast-forward only [git]