Last night I camped behind the reef near Goblin Valley. The views there were great and the stars were superb until the moon came out.

This morning I headed into Goblin Valley to do what hiking is available and hang with the little goobers. Goblins were everywhere!

Hanksville has my favorite gas station.

Into Utah, I ride

Yesterday, after an awesome (and I mean A-W-E-S-O-M-E) four days riding Winter Park and Aspen with Keya, I took off for Utah. I got a little further than Price before, I pulled off at a rest stop for the night. Here’s how my Jeep looked in the morning.

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Alaska 2018

Last July, I went to Alaska with Keya and my family. We had a family reunion on an Alaskan Cruise. While the cruise was certainly nice, I much preferred being off ship. The majority of photos are taken when Keya and I did some exploring, camping, and hiking during the stops.

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Mega blog merge!

For my own sanity, I decided to merge a two of my blogs into this one. I made sure every post on each blog I imported came with its own category.

I first imported nomad.codes. It is a site I used to show off travel and adventure-related photos. You can peruse the category #adventure if you would like to check it out. I will continue posting this kind of content here and will sunset nomad.codes.

Then, I imported an old photo blog my roommates, Michaella and Chris, and I put together when we were in an apartment with an amazing view of Denver and the front range. Definitely check out the photos in the #skylab category.

There are a couple other old blogs I have floating around, but I don’t think I’ll import them just yet.

Gutenberg ships Thursday! Why wait?

I opened my Twitter feed this morning to find an overwhelming sense of panic with the announcement that WordPress 5.0 ships on Thursday.

I just want to remind you that this is the most thoroughly tested release in WordPress history and very likely the most tested release in any Open Source project.

Is it perfect? No. Is it a gigantic improvement over the previous editing experience? Without a doubt.

Try it now. Yes, back up your site. You should do that anyway and there are many plugins that making backing up your content a breeze. Then install the Gutenberg beta. It’s awesome.

Not only is it an awesome editor by itself, but right now there an incredible amount of creative work by developers to enhance Gutenberg. The best part is, all of the things they are building are accessible for anyone to use. No need for shortcodes! No need to know code! It’s all right there for you and will only grow stronger with each day.

Of course there are fears of plugin compatibility and loss of content, but I think it’s irresponsible for folks to immediately rush to take advantage of folks fears by recommending the classic editor plugin.

Gutenberg & Jetpack

I’m excited to finally release the work my team has been hard at work on for the last few months in Jetpack 6.8. This release is special because we are introducing Jetpack blocks for the new editor.

Some of the blocks should be familiar to longtime Jetpack users and we’re even introducing a shiny new one for Jetpack users called the Simple payments button. It’s a block that makes accepting credit card payments as simple as it gets.

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Ghost towns, mountain passes, a wildfire, and a Corgi

Obviously, I have to lead with the picture of Pueblo the Corgi. I mean look at this little buddy!

Last weekend, right after the Fjallraven Classic USA, Keya and I met our friends, Veronica and Evan, near Jefferson. Then we headed up some mountain passes to find ghost towns! We started on Boreas Pass on Saturday and veered off onto some high clearance “roads” to find some old cabins and other buildings. On Sunday, we headed all the way up and across Mosquito Pass. Pretty stellar views (and wind from up there).

Here’s a video of Evan getting buffeted by the wind at the top of Mosquito Pass:

On the way back, we had to go around the Weston Pass fire. This thing:

Fjallraven Classic USA 2018

Well, we did it. Thirty miles in three days on the Colorado trail.┬áBeau already did a great writeup of last year’s Fjallraven Classic USA. Definitely give it a read if you are interested.
Some notes from my experience:

  • I packed light opting for the (not super comfy) bivy sack instead of a tent. Because we didn’t have to carry much water (thank you again, Grayl) I wish I had just brought my tent.
  • I won’t start with as much water next time. The Grayl is a beautiful device. I never needed to carry more than a liter at a time.
  • The Therm-a-rest Z Seat was a wonderful last minute purchase. I strapped it to the outside of my bag and used it every time we stopped. It also doubled as a place to stand when I was at camp and changing.
  • The altitude is no joke. 80+ people came rolling in suuuuper late on day two where we did the 3000+ feet altitude gain. Some were extremely sick or shaky. Please keep altitude in mind before heading on a trip like this.
  • We were advised by some pros to hike 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. On the break, drop the pack, have a seat, and just chill. This was a great was to set a pace and stay strong. We also got to just enjoy some nice views and hang with some people from all over the world. Definitely adding to my hiking arsenal.

We started out as a group of three. Here’s our crew as we finished the trek:

It was so great to hike with all of you. See you next year!
Here’s a video I made out of the Live Photos that helps capture the experience a bit more than the pictures alone do: