Last weekend: Nederland, Eldorado, and Leadville

Well, not really last weekend, but I like the idea of posting about my weekends every once in awhile. About a week and a half ago, on Friday, I went camping with Kelly and Emi in Nederland. We Jeeped in and found a pretty dang good spot and the weather couldn’t have been nicer.
Interesting things:

  • Kelly and Emi had two amazing hammocks that took no time at all to set up. Definitely on my wish list.
  • Emi and I made the fires with a magnesium block and flint steel (my favorite method so far).
  • We heard strange low growl-ish noises for most of the evening, but nothing too close to camp.

The next morning, we set out to find a good mountain biking trail after some eggs and bacon. It turns out some trails are closed to bikes on Saturdays and Wednesdays. We ended up heading over to Eldorado to ride a fairly short and easy trail.

After biking, I headed way over to Leadville for my friend, Devin’s, birthday. It turns out, I have no data in Leadville (T-mobile), but I had some maps and some luck. Devin had sent me a pin where we were meeting near on the lake using Google maps via text. Google first sends a small image map of the location which ended up saving the day for me. Thanks, Google.

The beach was a pretty great place to hang out. Beach chairs. Beer. Dogs. Interesting people. So good. Also, the weather stayed fairly nice until we decided to pack up and go set up camp.

Unfortunately, when we got to the camp site, we had about 20 minutes to get a fire going and set up our tents before it started raining. It never rained particularly hard so it wasn’t too bad and we had one heck of a sunset because of it.

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty great weekend. Next weekend should be good, too. I think we’re going to hit some high elevation ghost towns. đź‘»

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