I set up my own URL shortener last night powered by YOURLS. I know I could use or any range of other services, but I like the ability to have my own self-hosted shortener with as much customization as I please. I can nab neat analytics and integrate it with my blogs fairly easily.… Continue reading YOURLS

What I wish I’d known when I started web design

My teacher, David Bieloh, asked me to put together some advice and it I ended up writing this behemoth. Below is a bit of useful information I’ve picked up along the way. You’ve probably heard some or much of it before. But before you start reading through my rambling, stop reading this right now. Go purchase… Continue reading What I wish I’d known when I started web design

Let’s build a vendor prefix quick reference

I have my own SCSS file to handle vendor prefixes. It’s painful to keep updated and requires some serious hunting to get all the nitty-gritty details for each property. I have to dig through caniuse, css3please, MDN,, and a few others. Yes, I could use Autoprefixer, -prefix-free, Compass, or any number of other solutions. I… Continue reading Let’s build a vendor prefix quick reference

Why I love CodePen

If you follow me on twitter, you’ve seen me post a myriad of links to various CodePen Pens. It might even paint the picture that I’m a bit obsessed with CodePen. To date I have created 35 public and 31 private pens and counting. is a front-end code playground and I love it. Here’s… Continue reading Why I love CodePen

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